Pulp Fiction Project

noun - fiction dealing with lurid or sensational subjects, often printed on rough, low-quality paper manufactured from wood pulp.

2024, Lubbock, TX.

Pulp Fiction: HERstory is History

With meticulous pasting and stitching, this second installment of the Pulp Fiction exhibition spans the well-worn pages of HERstory into a women’s artistic narrative curated by Tricia Earl. The first installment of Pulp Fiction was in Lubbock, TX. in 1999 featuring 13 women artists.  As it was then, this exhibition is set to offer artwork, spoken word, and music as a rich source of the personal and collective story of women’s lived experiences.  Art is a safe classroom to educate us on the sight and sound of celebrating, painstakingly pushing through oppressive stereotypes.  We can honor, shape, and nurture our stories to carry on into generations to come.  Women’s mark-making is a call and response, like no other, drawing us into the talking circle to undo the fictional narrative those in power tell about us. You, the audience, are in the now of that which women endure but forcibly move out of by putting our story on paper.


March 1, 2024

First Friday Art Trail

Rock * Paper * Shears

Hair Studio & Gallery

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

1103 Main St, Lubbock, TX.


Art by Catherine Prose, Women of the Apocalypse 

1999, Lubbock, TX.

Pulp Fiction: A Women's Collaborative | One Star Gallery, Lubbock, TX.

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