The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity.  The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. - Carl Jung

Great Women Artist: 50 yrs Later, West Texas Edition

AKA: "F*ck the Status Quo!"


What does it mean to be a woman artist?  Is the work feminist because a woman made it?  Who decides the answers to these questions?  Is it the maker or the viewer?  As a curator, I feel I am mapping on to my own work to expose the inconsistencies and downright oversight of women as artists and instead labeled as “women’s work”. 

Great Women Artist: 50 years later, West Tx. Edition
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Ode to the Hipstamatic

"Bring people a camera that cost less than the film. Bruce had a Russian plastic camera that his father gave him as a Christmas gift in 1972. The camera had since broke and was no longer being made or sold, at least anywhere he could find it. So Bruce and Winston came up with a plan to recreate something similar. Winston had fallen in love with his Kodak Instamatic and that was the start of the Hipstamatic." - Founders of the Hipstamatic, Bruce & Winston Dorbowski, November 1982, Merrill, Wisconsin.





Portraits / Stillscapes / Landscapes


Available for hire:

  • Headshots

  • Family Portraiture

  • Animal Portraits

  • Engagement Portraits


See Jane

The "Jane Series"

I provide an opportunity to read the sliding scale of mass media’s depiction of women (the feminine) and the real life experiences of how girls and women are asked to perform in their daily lives. The key to the final image is to counter the traditional, stereotypical feminine image into a nonconforming state of reality.

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