My Passion

Integrating historical and emerging feminist practices and theories inspires my research. By combining bits and pieces of repressed stories I am exploring systematic approaches to defining gender identity using culture and social media, researching propaganda, bias, discrimination, and political agendas.


Artwork/Projects and more...

Studio D | @CASP Artist in Residence

"Animating Democracy, Part I & II" Installation

The work of students in Professor Carol Flueckiger's ART 1100 class, Introduction to Art, will be featured in an Art Installation Viewing at CASP Studio D, 408 Avenue J in Lubbock.

Great Women Artist: 50 years later, West Texas Edition 

Documentary Series

What does it mean to be a woman artist?  Is the work feminist because a woman made it?  Who decides the answers to these questions?  Is it the maker or the viewer?  As a curator, I feel I am mapping on to my own work to expose the inconsistencies and downright oversight of women as artists and instead labeled as “women’s work”. 


Video Work

Documentary based work and video installation work samples.

Solo Exhibition

5&J Gallery, 1106 5th Street, Lubbock, TX. 

August 6-21, 2021


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